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ASTW Cardiology Grand Rounds: The Hidden Scourge of Malignant CAD in South Asians: Enduring Material

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The Cardiology Grand Rounds of Ascension Saint Thomas Hospital West provides opportunities to enhance the treatment and care for patients with complex cardiac conditions with education on advancements in research, technology, and pharmaceuticals. The education is designed to increase accurate diagnoses and support optimal patient care.


M. Fayaz Malik, MD, FACC, CPE, MSc

Learning Objectives

• Enhance awareness of the severity of heart disease in South Asian patients.
• Implement practices with the goal of improving health outcomes of South Asian patients through early recognition and intervention.

More Info

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This activity is designed for cardiologists, hospitalists, internal medicine specialists, primary care physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare professionals who provide care for patients with cardiovascular disease.


AMA - 1.00 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™

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Other Learner - Ascension Saint Thomas Associate (Non-Physician): $0
Other Learner - Non Ascension Saint Thomas Affiliated (Non-Physician): $25
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: $25
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