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Management of Eclampsia: Enduring Material

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This education is currently offered for 0.0 CME credit as it's designed to be an introductory component to a hands-on obstetrical emergency simulation course. This educational presentation will provide the most recent evidence-based research on managing the obstetric emergency of eclampsia, including appropriate management options for this emergency. Following this education, learners will be required to complete the hands-on simulation course offered through Ascension Saint Thomas.


Georgia Y. Ferrell, MD

Learning Objectives

• Examine an appropriate strategy for managing an eclamptic seizure
• Identify current recommendations for management of hypertension in eclampsia
• Identify the appropriate strategy for assessment and timing of delivery
• Identify appropriate evaluation and treatment of postpartum headache and/or seizure

More Info

• 10 Practical, Evidence-based Recommendations to Improve Outcomes in Women Who Have Eclampsia, Baha M. Sibai, MD, OBG Management, November 2011, Vol. 23 No. 11, Reproduced with permission.
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• Hanley M. Thomson C. Trauma in Pregnancy: Double Jeopardy. Emergency Medicine Practice. January 2003; vol.5, number 1
• Quillen College of Medicine, ETSU, Center for Experiential Learning


This education is designed to meet the needs of Obstetricians/Gynecologists, Certified Nurse Midwives, Primary Care Providers, APP’s, and other members of the healthcare team that may provide care to obstetric patients.

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: $0
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